Sascha is an all-round creative with a university degree in Business Administration & Engineering. Go figure.
He started his career in the film industry, shooting popular crime series for German television. He also hosted a show on the German equivalent of MTV, and his photography led the early beginnings of the tilt shift movement.

After a brief stint in the brand management department of Snickers, he moved to advertising where he won his first award as a copywriter at Jung von Matt for a viral film. It was the early days of the internet.

Today, he's responsible for 3 of the Top 5 most viewed Coca-Cola films on Youtube as well as 2013's Social Good Campaign of the Year, which fought for women's rights alongside the United Nations. In 2015 one film was selected by Youtube to be one of the Top 5 Youtube Ads of the Year that restored the world's faith in humanity.

"Sascha is heading the Creative Department of Ogilvy Dubai.
It's the Ogilvy Network's 6th most creative office in the world.
Oh my Gaawd, this means it's in the Top 1% !!!"

                                                                              - someone important

In his short time in advertising, he has won over 350 awards and certificates at all major award shows including Cannes, D&AD, One Show, Clio, LIA, NYF, Dubai Lynx, Epica, Effie, etc. In every category. Including 9 Grand Prix. And a Titanium at Cannes Lions. In 2013 he was ranked 7th most creative copywriter in the world. He also contributed to big business wins like Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Nike and IKEA.

Sascha also directs films and commercials for which he has also received many trophies. These made him the most awarded advertising film director in the region in 2013 (Cannes, One Show, NY Festivals).

He believes that awards can’t be won, but only be earned. Having great ideas is easy. Bringing them to life is the hard part.

To read his CV, buy the book "Cool infographics" and open it on page 198.
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It's a digital world now anyway, isn't it? #pointingouttheobvious