The Instant Off-Road Kit

Let's be honest, most people don't take their off-road vehicle off-roading. It's for these people
that we've created this convenient off-road kit. It gets you to the great outdoors and back in less
than 5 minutes. Without having to travel there at all.

We based our design on a military-esque medical kit. The entirety of the design tried to convey a
feeling of ruggedness. We did this with a sandblasted matte finish on the box and stenciling the
logo on it.Similarly we had branding that worked combined roughness in texture and clarity through
coding the items.We continued this feel into our Off-Road Guide, injecting some tongue-in-cheek
humor through descriptions and bold illustrations. To break free from the rigid style of guides,we
used experimental typography to spice up descriptions for each use of the contents, adding another
playful layer in an obvious ironic tone of the kit.

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