Finding Light in the Dark

Finding light in the dark hit the globe at the right time with the right message, resonating with regional zeitgeists all related to prejudice and judgment. It went viral immediately as it unguarded its audience, triggering a change in perception, turning the promotional time of Ramadan into a flatform for change.

It started with a film but quickly transcended traditional media turning into a wake up call involving mass media, (unpaid) online influencers and celebrities and millions of people with access to social media. Unbranded promotional Coca-Cola cans were distributed to influencers and media to reinforce our message.

It was featured on leading news and media platforms regionally and worldwide such as CNN, TIME, Mashable, Huffington Post, Washington Times, ... and became Coca-Cola’s 2nd most viewed video globally, ever.

Watch the Case Film below and the original film here.